How can i count the number of vowels entered in a text box

please help me how can i count the number of vowels and consonant entered on a text box with out duplicates

These draggable functions should help ...

Hello Flordeliza

Sounds very much like homework..... but I can give you some clues without code. Firstly, your App will need to process the text one character at a time. Each character could first be checked for it's ASCII char number - this is done to eliminate characters that are neither vowel or consonant (e.g. the space character, numbers, other symbols :;'.?/ )

Each character can then be compared with a list of vowels to determine which family it is in. If it's in the list, it's a vowel. If not in the list, it's a consonant. So let's say it's a vowel. It can be added to another list of vowels found, but compared first with that list's contents to see if it has already been added. Same for consonants, a list of consonants found. Once the whole text has been processed, the length of each 'found' list gives the number of vowels and number of consonants.

ah - I see ABG has let the cat out of the bag. He also presents an easier test method.

Hello, my app also uses the same logic as @ABG, here is the aia:

Vowels.aia (3.8 KB)