How can I code a number memory game?

So I have to code a game for homework and I don’t know what to do. Here are some of the references:
This game is a memory game, there will be 16 numbers on a 4x4 grid displayed in random order for a certain amount of time and the players will need to memorize them before they disappear. Then, a random sequence of numbers will appear, and players will need to tap on the buttons corresponding to the numbers shown according to their memory. If the player clicks the button with the same number as the random number generated, they will score a point. If the player clicks the wrong button, they won’t score a point. There is no point deduction in this game.

  • Start Screen (App Name, Logo, Start button, high score)
  • 1 minute to memorize numbers
  • 1 point per correct guess (More points for harder levels)
  • Score is shown on the game play screen
  • Different levels of difficulty (3 levels, easy - 3 x 3, medium - 4 x 4, hard - 5 x 5)
  • User gets to choose difficulty after pressing start
    User loses when they make an incorrect guess.

Hi, is very difficult to explain the entire project to you , try to start yourself, search the community (there are a lot of post about this) and then if you have some troubles show us your block and we will help you.

  • Create the main screen where you can choose the level
  • create the screen with the cards according to the level
  • you need images cards
  • you will need knowledge about variables and list

Good work

You will need a Clock component from the Sensors Drawer.

Also use Generic Button events, and lists of component blocks matched with their assigned random numbers.

You might need lists of lists.