How can I change this Image?

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I want to change the Minimize/Maximize icon. How can I change it ? I am unable to find that icon. Please help me in finding that Icon

What do you mean by "finding that icon"?


@anke , I want to replace that icon with my own Icon.. But I am unable to find that image on appinventor-sources. Like every images are inside appinventor/images folder. But it's not there

Why? ...:..


He is developing a builder.


Yes, but my question remains.

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@anke, Actually, this icon does not look good in my design. That's why I want to change it with my own image

Then show your own icon. Maybe I'll agree with you. :wink:


It's not designed yet but it won't take much time. I will soon publish my icon here. Till that, Can you help me in searching that icon ?

click here,then click the icon, you may find the html and css. Hope this can help, not tried, i am replying this on my cellphone.


@Kevinkun I am aware of it. But It show a URL which is not defined in code.

yes, that's one but it's not written inside appinventor sources

It's on Material Icons.


This one for showing child components

And this one for hiding child components.

It's quite similar to VS Code's hierarchy.

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Ohh, I got a like from @Anke :heart_eyes:

Do you know where it is written in appinventor sources ? I searched the whole repo but didn't seen it yet.

This is the link I got from Console of that Icon.


Sir @ewpatton, Please have a look here

Path would be


I didn't get you :sweat_smile:. Can you elaborate it more ?