How can I change the height of every element in ListView?

There are no options to change the elements' height in the properties.

So how can I change the height?

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Why not with TextSize ?


Hello LiuLyxAndy

Your properties pallet image isn't from the current App Inventor nb188, which has many more options.

However, as Patel has said, simply change the Text (Font) size.

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Are you using an offline version of AppInventor? In release nb188a the listview properties now looks quite different (doesn't help with changing the height of each element though....)

You could use a blank image and set its height.

You could also try ColinTree's Custom Listview Extension which will allow you to do this. (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the download link)


No I'm not. I'm using a Chinese version of AppInventor. I'll try the Extension.

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Thank you.

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