How can I change the button color at Runtime?

I, I'm new to the app Inventor and I have the following problem:
If I change a button's settings, when I run a longer routine, the button does not indicate that it is still running.
If you place the original button (without changing colors), when the program is running, it turns orange.

How can I change the color of a button only during the routine?


What I can interpret is you want to show some message to user while procedure is being executed using some color of button.

Instead you can show some message using label, something like.. "Please wait, it is being processed" and once you are ready with the response, you will be taking steps accordingly. Along with this you can also disable button being clicked further or some other suitable logic.

And if you want to go with the color option, you need to do change button color before calling the procedure and revert back to original once back from procedure.



If you have something long running, you will probably have to bring in a Clock Timer to handle parts of it, especially if you want a temporary component appearance change.

You might need to clear the Button attribute that offers automatic feedback.