How can I build a block that randomly select data from googlesheet to my game block

I need use app inventor to create a block that randomly select 6 vocabularies and the 6 related synonyms from this googlesheet.
So there are totally 12 data.(6 vocab, 6 synonyms)
I can't find any guideline from internet.
thx a lot for help!

what google sheet?

Show us.

do u have any idea? thx

to be sure I understand your desired result, check this sample csv result to see if it matches your expectations ...


Is this a good output?

yes. that's what I want. thx a lot.
then what's the step of block

Do you have a screen set up to show answers you could export?

yes. I am doing the part of gaming, although it can't run right now.
I attach the file to u. I just confuse with how to build the block that
that randomly select data from googlesheet to my game block.
and once more, thx for ur help.
cardflipping_UFO_test.aia (294.8 KB)

do u see it?

halo do u see it?

I go to school by bus.

I am at GMT-5, so we are on different sleep cycles.
Here is my result, up to the point of loading the 12 words into a list, with the pairs in consecutive items (1,2), (3,4), ...(11,12)

global sheets_csv
cardflipping_UFO_test_ABG.aia (300.3 KB)

I removed a procedure call from Screen1.Initialize, while setting up for getting your Google Sheet.
You should add it back to the bottom of the Web1.GotText event, so you can take advantage of the new data loaded from the Sheet.

Almost all blocks are draggable.

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thanks so much. i have add the url of googlesheet to the botton of web1, but the app still cant run.
i cant fix it. could u help me to look for it? thx so much!!!

cardflipping_UFO_test_ABG_2.aia (300.3 KB)

sorry for disrupting u, but i need ur help, i am so sorry

can u help to look the part of botton 1-12.
i cant find the way that distributing the words that in the list to those 12 bottons.

Your url in the Web1 Designer is counterproductive.

The URL I coded in Screen1.Initialize asks for format=csv,
which is necessary to get a comma separated values text back from the Web,
unlike your URL which is meant only for web editting the sheet.
Web1 Designer

I did not address this part of the problem, because your game design is unclear to me.

I see some images for button backgrounds with fancy single letters, but I don't know their purpose.
Buttons can have their .Text assigned from the list of words, but their images would have to left empty to be able to show the .Text, as I recall. (I don't work with images much, I work with data structures mostly.)

Is there a particular procedure I should look for in your blocks?

this is a card flipping game.
those 12 buttons represent 12 words(6 words and 6 meaning) which is randomly selected from the google sheet.
now we finish the selecting data part, but we need to distribute those 12 words to those 12 buttons randomly, but we dont know how to write the block about this step, so u see those misleading wrong blocks of 12 buttons.
can u help me to fix it?

thx a lot.

Here are blocks to shuffle the 12 words and assign them into the 12 button .Texts...

The procedures should be draggable directly from this post into your Blocks Editor.

Be sure to provide the assign procedure with the list of 12 words and the list of 12 button components in your call block.