How can I assign global variable value from csv table?

how can I assign global variable value from csv table cell.

Hello Sirajul

We need more information!

  1. Where is the csv table?
  2. What is the csv table, a file in Assets, an online/offline Web Page table, an App Inventor Table Arrangement?
  3. How does the App know, out of all the cells, which one to pick?

csv (from XL file) table stored in phone memory. every cell value assign as global variable.

Once you have converted the csv text to a list of lists (a table),
use 2 select item from list blocks;
the first to select the row by number from the table,
the second to select the column number from the row.
If you do this all in one line, do it from right to left.

Please send me sample block.

Thank you very much.

I made it but it returns all field of a row in global variable. I want to store specific a field data in global variable, my block....
blocks (2) blocks (3)

what can I do now?

Notice the difference between my blocks and yours:

You are missing the select item block that takes a single item from the row,
so that is why you are getting the entire row.

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Many many thanks. Now it works fine.

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