How can I add items to 3 dot

Make sure you have set the theme to device default.

App inventor have 3 dots on title bar I would like to add more items to that menu as well as I have to add search icon on that title bar I wasn't able to find any block and here at community the suggested solution is make your own custom title bar I don't want to make my own because i can't then make this type of long click tooltip:

Making your own is the only way.

You can do the (long click) if you use one of the many popup extensions. My preferred popup menu extension is this one:
Ulli's Popup Menu

You get it wrong I am talking about this tooltip:

then why app inventor has added that title bar by default just to make users annoy?

I do not get it wrong, you can recreate that using a popup menu extension

What options have you need able to add to that button, and how ?


btw this sentence is incorrect I know extension is the way.

Why then ask if you already have the answer?
Also why then ask for an extension to be made if one exists ?
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@TIMAI2 Now I can make same tooltips on longclick like default title bar have, see here. that extension dev is so good.