How can I add admob or any monetize extension to my app via app inventor only please?

How can I add admob or any monetize extension to my app via app inventor only please ?

thank you in advance.

Technically with straight App Inventor there’s nothing you can really do short of having a WebViewer that shows ads. If you want to open up “App Inventor” to include extensions, then @Taifun has an extension for in-app purchases and there may be other advertising extensions that I am unaware of. It seems like once a month we get a post in the #open-source-development group about building an AdMob extension…

is there a tutorial about how to use the WebViewer to show ads?

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I don't like ads so I do not have a tutorial available...
my recommendation is to use one of the App Inventor distributions, for example Kodular, which offers monetization components...
also you can check the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Hello, if you use thunkable, there is a feature called AdMob which you can use to get ads. Thunkable is basically a copy of app inventor, so you can import the AIA and just add the AdMob. There are many tutorials on YouTube of how to use it. :grinning: :grinning:

This is only true of Thunkable Classic, which is being shut down. Thunkable X is a completely new system that has nothing to do with App Inventor.


Hey! Affiliate marketing is a much better option than advertising. In fact, most bloggers earn huge income through affiliate links. You can choose the products that relate to the subject of your app.

But, you may need to spend some time to learn marketing, select the right type of products and follow some best practices. But, it is far better than depending on low converting ads.

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Hi! I tried it in Kodular, but I'll have to import it into App Inventor again, so I can't use the AdMob banner.

However, for Taifun, why don't you make Taifun Ads? I think this is useful, even though you don't like them.

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This is the free extension you can use to monetize Admob ads in your application.


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