How can I add a Screen Mock? (mock for form...)

Good Morning sir @ewpatton,

I want to add one more form's mock. I have the .png image and added the option in drop down menu. But don't know what to do next ? What are steps to add it completely ?


I am struggling a lot to add a new form. But there is no reference. I believe, you can help me.
Please help me


I think we need more information what you are trying to do. I'm not sure you mean creating a mock form, which is something a developer does when adding a new component.

Do you mean a new screen?

We might have a language barrier. Could you describe your project a little more. Maybe then we can get a better idea what help you need.

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Duplicate topic - moved

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I mean by screen's mock like Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel, Samsung. I have my screen image(.png) and already added it inside drop-down menu. But after choosing my screen's mock. Its not doing anything. I think there are some things that I missed.

Why don't you show some images of what you are trying to do?

Sorry, I want to use this image as new mock for form.

Perhaps, from what I've seen, instead of making numerous topics about your doubts, why don't you just try ?

I already did it but it didn't worked. I changed many different classes not only ViewerBox and MockForm.

I am not very familiar with that, but you can take a look at the source code of the Chrome extension.

Thanks but it's source code only contains JS and css