How can get the dimension that fill an image sprite inside canvas?

is there a form to get the space that take a image sprite from canvas about the dimension sprite coordinates? or its neccesary a extension?.

Show example/picture of what you mean, explain in more detail what it is you want.

an example is in my image sprite in asset have 400x300 pixel dimension. how can get this values using block logic?. i see that inside canvas only exist the resize button but you dont know exactly what quantiy of space are taken the image sprite inside the canvas.

I set a canvas to 200x200
Added an imagesprite with width and height to automatic
On screen initialise
Loaded an image 400w x 300h to the image sprite


Is that what you need ?

i am trying to get the dimensions of image sprite because i need that when the canvas and image sprite collide. the imagesprite recognize the limit of canvas. with this blocks can make that?

What should happen if the imageSprite recognises the limit of the canvas?

the image can make a other action. but only need that the sprite recognize when arrive to the limit. i know that the canvas dimension is 320x480. so if i say to image sprite that when the imagesprite get the edge of canvas do an action. but i dont know how can make that. maybe using the last column of image sprite part of coordinates x,y when is equal to the x,y coordinate of edge detect that image sprite arrive to the edge. but its possible to make that with the image sprite?

That sounds like EdgeReached block?

but how can make that the edge of canvas detect the edge of image sprite side left or right, up or down?

Your dimensions

Image 400x300 - is that 400 width x 300 Height ?

canvas 320x480 - is that 320 width x 480 Height ?

Try these blocks

You can replace the message dialogs with whatever it is you want to do

ok thanks i will try