How App inventor Emulator works?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to know how does the App Inventor’s emulator works on windows? Like do it creates the virtual machine or emulates android in my PC, My laptop only runs in safe mode and thus I cannot run any emulator and other services but the App inventor emulator works perfectly. and can we have an emulator with a higher android version(at least KitKat?)
I want to customize it a bit and is that possible to make a version of it in which we can use some other apps?
Also in MIT shares a link to change some themes of the emulator but the link now gives 404 error(maybe the source has changed the particular info somewhere else)
This is the faulty link:-

The above link is at the following directory:


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The older emulator (2.x series) emulates an ARM processor for running the Android OS. The newer Windows version in beta uses x86 virtualization instructions to run the Android OS directly using your CPU. The latter likely won't work if you're running Windows in safe mode.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll see what we can do about fixing it.

so does that architecture support kitkat? and it will be good if you can teach or provide me a reference to guide to build such emulators, and can i get the chance to test that beta emulator version?