How about some folders or something in the blocks editor?

functional transparent only for order and documentation issues.
Maybe to carry the whole folder to or from the backpack?
Assignable colors + a name
Folder sizeable, with descriptive text to put on its surface. maybe +a list of the contained blocks
2 senarios:
1.) opening a folder opens a empty blockspace with only the assigned blocks in it, light backgroundcolor of the folders color
2.) opening a folder shows the folder-blocks in the standard blocks, They have folder-colored marking in their head. Maybe with an folderoption to group the blocks which can be distributed aorund the sheet near the folder symbol.
closing removes them from the sheet

just a suggestion

This is something on our roadmap. We've been in discussion with the Google Blockly team to introduce the API features needed to make this happen in a future version. There was a technical prototype developed for App Inventor a few years ago using an older version of Blockly so we know it is possible, but since so many projects build on Blockly these days there is a need for a more general solution.

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Thanks. Great to read. I'm looking forward to it.

For further reading, please see Folders: A Visual Organization System for MIT App Inventor | Wellesley College Digital Collections

Yes thats whats needed for some more complex projects.
Folders and a birds/map-view as described in the document.