How about control slider with Acces Point?

I have started working with MIT app inventor recently, but the mobile app get code 1101 error.
why? what's the solution?
I have tried many times still not working

Please explain what you are trying to achieve. I can see that you are joining the thumb position to a local network url. Does this mean you have a wide range of devices you can connect to on the network ?


and you want to supply these from a slider?

If so I suggest you separate the selection from the web GET otherwise you will be calling a web GET everytime the slider thumb position changes:

Here I have set the slider range as 0-99



I want to create a lamp with controls using the slider with android apps. here I use an access point so that it can be used by several users later. In general, the access point on Nodemcu is To make it easier for users to control lighting, a slider with a cellphone is used without entering the IP, only the access point is logged. In this experiment, the web server was successfully carried out but to synchronize to the application on the cellphone still failed, what is the solution?

Is not a proper HTTP IP address, so it is not surprising to get an error 1101 for it....


Add a slash (/) after each IP address and before your rounded thumb value.