Horizontal scroll arrangement looks different on app when put visible through a click

I have a problem with the horizontal scroll arrangement - it looks like I want it to be when it's set visible.
But as soon as I connect it with a click to get visible, all the componens of the arrangement are distorted.. I don't know why.. I tried everything.

How it's supposed to look like / how it looks like when the arrangement is set visible from the beginning:

how it looks like when I connect it with a click on the logo above:

Thank you very much!
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have you set its height to a fixed number?

post your aia here.

yes, I set all the hights and widths to a fixed number.. Still does not work.
BEER_AGAIN.aia (3.0 MB)


it looks fine here, but the text below the beer bottom seems only show half.

that's weird - how did you open it?

by clicking first button.

okay but it looks like you are testing it on the computer and not on the phone?

is there a possibilty that is has problems with an IPhone?