Hope give me some suggestion about deploy the latest version of appinventor on Google Cloud Platform

At first, thanks very much of repling my last topic, @ewpatton. But in China we can't use google products, so I have some sample question if I deploy the appinventor in Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Since the standalone Google App Engine SDK is deprecated, did the latest version of appinventor support gcloud sdk ?
  2. Can gcp support more than 200 users online at some time ?
  3. Does the appinventor support Cloud Datastore Firestore? which services should I choose?


Sure. We usually have thousands of users at peak times during the school year.

We use the classic Cloud Datastore for storing the project contents. It might be possible to use it with Cloud Datastore Firestore but I haven't tried it.

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Thanks, but in another topic, you said: "We built a custom backend that runs on standard Linux virtual machines and that is deployed on AWS. That backend is not part of our open source offering."
Can you tell me about your server environment such as system info, google services should we use (for example, google app engine, cloud storage, cloud datastore) , if it's all right.