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Can someone help me with this? It's quite basic but I'm not the best in coding and it's my first year.

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A good procedure is reusable in different places and in different apps.
It uses parameters to allow the calling block to connect it to inputs and outputs needing its services.

A procedure with a result can be used inside an expression.
They can be linked from right to left.

For question number 6 -

You can write the following points:

  • The first procedure will support any label while the second procedure can be used to change text of a particular label only.
  • It also can add the X and Y co-ordinates of any sprite rather than just one.

For question number 7 -

  • A procedure with a result will return a value while a "do" procedure will perform some sets of functions/operation.

Hi, Kamrann.

Could you share the resource from where you got the questions?

I am a novice enthusiast and I want to self learn learn cs concepts through MI2.

I think answering many more such questions will be good for my learning.


Hey, sure send me a PM. These are questions from my homework.

Thank you so much, also not trying to annoy you but what does this question mean?
The DrawShape method’s parameter pointList requires a list of co-ordinates. Draw a diagram of the list given to pointList. Use specific values (that make sense) for each variable.

I think you have to provide co-ordinates to make a shape and draw a diagram of the output too...

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I'd appreciate it a lot if someone could tell me what this question means or help me solve it, I'm very new to programming so any help would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you.

I think I had answered it here

and btw you could have continued in that topic

oh dang, i didn't see that my bad. what do you mean provide co-ordinates to make a shape?

You have to provide X and Y co-ordinates for all the vertices in your shape.

Co-ordinates are written in the following format. (X,Y), X or Y or both can be negative if it's a Cartesian plane. See here-

Example you want to draw a square. Try giving these co-ordinates.


The square should look like -


HI Kamrann. Can you tell me the name of this textbook? Or the resource for the qustions. I think it could help me and other enthusiasts a lot. Thanks.

It's not from a textbook, my teacher made this assignment specifically for our class.


Wow. Please convey my compliments to your teacher. I think it's really good material.
Let your teacher known s/he has good material for a valuable textbook.

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@Sanatan_Chakravarty I'm learning Computing through Mobile CSP in highschool. It is an advanced placement program, but you don't have to pay for anything. Just register with a Gmail account.

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