[Homework] Basic homework help, explaining conditions

Hi all,

Can someone help me answer these? Just need to explain the meaning. I know it must be basic - but I'm completely new to App inventor.

Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

If you hover over a block in the Blocks Editor, a tool tip pops up explaining that block.

I can't do that here though...

Here are the Math blocks explanations

and the Canvas blocks

In my day we had to do our homework ourselves. But I guess it’s 2020 and people get others on the internet to do it for them.

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At least they are being honest about it :slight_smile:

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Reading (re-reading) this Programming Your App to Make Decisions may help you understand how the Conditional Blocks work and will help you to answer your school assignment questions.

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Everyone does this when stuck or just a newb these days. I joined this community to get help on my apps and my homework projects. Don't be sour about it.. It's using your resources, like you would look it up in a book, or ask someone experienced in the area for help. XD. Not that i disagree tho... but it's help, and sometimes you need it to pass.

Some of those code fragments look very specific, like they came out of classroom examples, lecture notes, or required reading, in contexts unavailable to people who weren't awake in class or didn't do previous work in that course.

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I know. I'm helping him through this class... gives me something to do.