HM-10 blue tooth?


Is there somebody that have use a hm-10 blue tooth module?

i have wrote a app with MIT app inventor… and everthing works allright wit a HC-05 or HC-06 module… but now I have a HM-10 module, but the app don’t connect with the module?

maybe somebody knows?

Thanks already…

HM-10 is BLE.
Use the magnifier icon to search for the tag HM-10 in the FAQ.
You will find

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I want to get the sensor’s sensing output to be displayed in the app inventor side via Bluetooth low energy module HM10. But I faced some problem to do this.

    I design a terminal where four buttons are used for the initialization purpose of the Bluetooth module. I declare a status label for the result of the successful connection of the Bluetooth module and found ok to connect with the Bluetooth module. After a successful connection when I send '0' to the Bluetooth which is connected via a microcontroller and receive '0' in the app display and when I send '1' then display '1' in the receive lebel of the app. But in the microcontroller programming, I used 'if-else' condition: when send=0, then display 0 and when send = 1, then display sensor value. So when I send '1' then in the app the sensor value to be display but this is not coming but I checked in the oscilloscope, and see that the sensor value is coming. 

      Therefore I request you to give a suggestion for this problem.