Hit by deobfuscation, what is the warning?

Hi there,
I submitted to release my application into Google Play Console, but get an warn that



There is no deobfuscation file associated with this app bundle. If you use obfuscated code (R8/ProGuard), uploading a deobfuscation file will make it easier to analyze and debug crashes and ANRs. Using R8/ProGuard can result in a smaller app size. Learn more

I make this application with only AppInventor2, it seems inevitable.
Can I apply this ?R8/ProGuard? to application AAB ?
If there are counter measure to delete this warn , tell me it.


Ignore it.

Hi there & vknow360,
I apology to have subscribed this topic without looking up the old topics.
I know later,
Some one, Ms Anke already subscribed to Mr. Adams that warn does not stop to proceed to publication,

Thank you