History of messages cleaned

Hello guys, I do not see anymore the history of messages but only a new discobot greetings message so apolgyze me if I did not answer or reply to any message.

This is because you have created a second account on the community.

It is usual/best practice/preferred to just have one account.

Would you like me to close your other account mmanca, but retain all your posts ?

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Hmmm.. I did not open a second account, at least not intentionally... I am using a password and ID manager so I do not need to remember ID and passwords of websites, blogs, wikis and so on.
How many account do you see? And may you give me any details about the "right" account, that with the history of the messages? Thanks.

Well, somehow you did. We now have @massimo and @mmanca (your original account). Try logging out of @massimo and then logging in with @mmanca .

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I checke and I can confirm something strange at least about the email, I have not anymore micronengineering.it domain since several years ago, I had but I had to change it to micron-engineering.net

OK, you are back as @mmanca

I will close your other account.

Perfect, thanks TIMAI2