Highscore problem in game of Pong

I'm currently working on a game of pong! There is a user and a computer sprite paddle. I have a score of the current round, lives, and a highscore. However, my highscore isn't displaying and I'm confused what the error is. I've attached my code if anyone can help! Thanks


I cannot see in your blocks where you actually set a label to your highscore value, plus you appear to have a single label that is intended to display the score and the highscore ?

I believe I've seen different labels for score, highscore and lives.
But he has done mistakes in blocks.

You should not use a list for the highscores.
Rather use a number for it.

Compare it with the present score, and if, the present score is more than the highscore, set the value of highscore to the value of present score.

Clarity for this, you are trying to set the value of Highscore in the score property, which might be the cause of this.