Hide some index in a listview

Greetings from Chile.
Is it possible to hide some index in a listview?

For example, if I have a listview with the months of the year as data. Is it possible to show the data that are 30 days or according to a particular choice?
Thank you.

Your question is not clear. Please show your blocks, and an example of what your data looks and what do you want to get out of it.

Hi @Sarkochile Welcome
You should use a loop.

choose the data you need and store them in another list, and connect this new list to the listview

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Maybe this is what you want :

if you want to try the block that I made, you can drag and drop this image to your mit app inventor :

blocks (5)

blocks (4)

blocks (3)

blocks (2)

blocks (1)

Components :

  • Button1
  • ListView1
  • Clock1
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Thank you very much @Salman_Dev for your contribution and answer, as well as @Kevinkun for his information, since the solution is clearly associating both suggestions.
A big hug from Chile.

Thanks @Italo and @ vknow360, fortunately with the last answers I have solved my question.
A hug.

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You're welcome @Sarkochile

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