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Hi, in programming an app, at some point I would like to make a hidden component visible. how should i do? I am desperate

nella programmazione di una app, ad un certo punto vorrei rendere visibile un componente nascosto. come devo fare? sono disperato

Very simply:

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Test if the component (in this case a label) is visible. If not visible, then make it so.
You can put your if statement in your workflow, it doesn’t have to be a button click

tank you very much. and if I at the click of a button I have to scroll. how should I do it?

or more simple: just use the
set Label1.Visible to true without the if statement, because if it is already visible, to set it to visible does not change anything...


for new questions, please start a new thread, and as I have seen, you already did that...


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