Hi, it seems that 'One signal push notification' extension created by DeepHost has stopped functioning

Because, in my case, suddenly I am not able to send any app notification. I found an old email sent by onesignal which says to update the submitted Firebase keys as suggested by new policies of Firebase.

So, I also did all the changes according to onesignal email instruction. I pasted the two new keys given by onesignal on the blocks of the Extension (one signal extension). But, now the extension is not working for me. How can I solve this.

Use this

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Let me check it.

I don't know how to use the blocks to set up one signal push notification. Can you give me idea?

The extension (by deephost) that I am using already is not working directly BUT (indirectly working) ie, when I tried to send messages via onesignal website, I am able to send notifications.

So, my issue is solved in one way but anyhow to make this thread most useful and for future reference to handle any unexpected trouble in future please share the knowledge to use the blocks of the ABOVE SAID free extension as well.

It is not advised to use extensions from Deephost.

I do now know how to setup those blocks, read the documentation, Vknow could help you.

Okay. @vknow360 , can you share the ideas?

Can someone help if you have free time? I don't think that I can manage it alone.