Hi im facing issues with the notification system can someone please help me! This is my final year project

When i run the app on the al2 companion on my phone this will happen. Please help i need this done by this week

byteValues is a list, try to use if select list get byteValues index 1 greater or equal to ...

Hi thank you so much for replying to me. I dont really understand what u mean as im a beginner if possible can u show me the blocks?


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Okay will try it thank u so much!!!

thank you so much it's working already. However, i need the notification to appear for 10 seconds and then disappear. Do u know how to do it? If possible can u show me the blocks also thank you so much!!! U are a lifesaver

You can not dismiss a MessageDialog using time, only Progress dialog


Otherwise use an extension such as [UPDATE] Free Alpha Dialog | Transparent Dialogs, Custom Toasts and much more - Extensions - Kodular Community

Hi thank u so much for replying to me but if let’s say i want the notification to appear once then once i click okay then the notification is gone. Do u know now to do that? If possible can u show me the blocks also? Thank u in advanced

ProgressDialog is not provided with any button to intrept the progressbar, if it is provided then what will be its use as it is to show something is in progress.

And if you need notifyer with okay button then

So, you have to choose between these two functionalities.

oh i see for my blocks the notifications will just keep on popping out is there a way to make the notification pop out once and then disappear after clicking okay. this is my current block. If possible can u show me the blocks also? Thank you so much in advance

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Since you have placed it where it will keep popup until the if condition get evaluted to be True.

It will disappear, but the above condition will make it availabe to notify again.

Conclusion: below two requirements together not feasible.

So, please read post:7 again, it may help you.

Hi so sorry to bother yall again. I have some issues in regards to the app...

How do i solve this? this is my code please help me!!

I can't connect it to the DHT11 sensor on my breadboard when the temperature changes it doesn't reflect on my Al2. Please help me

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