Hi, I want to create my own app builder, any developer help me?

i want to make app bulider like kodular and other bulider so who can customized MIT App Inventor open source code and How mucha pay for this customisation?


So please tell us what experience you have in this field? I guess you know Java and are able to build extensions. Show what you have made so far.

Why another builder while there are already so/to many. What do you mean by customizing? Give it other colors or a different look? Add components?

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Nice you can do it

Hi myself Varun I am an Android Developer. I even have knowledge of other other languages and development.
VarunResume.pdf (48.2 KB)

I want To make More Batter Builder I see some Builders Not providing support Poor User All Builders now paid So I am Providing Free Builder and Lot of component free And All monetization Free

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I hope, you did not forget, that servers cost a lot of money every month...

See for example


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I know But I want Make My Owner Builder And Earn Money of Ads Commission

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but a limited obstacle is the different version android to need work app inventor. so this will not easy