Hi, I need help to play FM radio without click button!

Hi, i'm a beginner with MIT App Inventor!
I try to create an app that i want to use on an old smartphone (clock alarm). The goal is to play radio with a PLAY-STOP button, but also that it's turn on automatically after a countdown!
Do i need 2 players? Is it possible without click?
A lot of heavy questions for me...
Thank's for your answers!!!
I join the .aia file if my english is too bad.... (don't be too severe, it's my very first app :grin:)Waky.aia (744.7 KB)

Yes, it should be possible. But you have to set the Player.Source and that is missing in your aia.

Hi Anke,
Thank’s for your quick answer! But on my screen it’s appears!!
After that, I made a simulation on the first alarm (my emulator is always crashing if I skip of screen) and all my result after the big “AND” test is “true”. But my player doesn’t start!!!
I make mistakes, but I don’t know where?!?
I send you the .aia with the test part…
Thank’s again for your interest!
Waky.aia (746,3 Ko)

I see. You set the Player.Source on Screen3 (I didn't notice Screen3).

Describe in detail when, where, which error / issue occurs:

  1. Do this ... (result)
  2. do that ... (result)
  3. do ...

and what should happen.

Note: You must disable the Clocks.

Guten morgen Anke,
Firstable I put default values in all labels!
I would like to listen the radio whenever I want and when it's time to wake-up, the radio turns automatically on.
IF i only program the radio Play-Stop button, it's working, it's playing my favorite radio station.
As soon as I program the "count-down" of the alarms... no more sound!!!
I put a TEST1 label to control if all the conditions are "true" to start the Alarm player. When it's become "true" nothing is happening. To see if something moves, I just put the volume from 50 to 10 (slider down) if the test is "true" and it's working... but still no sound!!!
I don't understand what happens with the sound player or the clocks.. as you said!!!

I got it... For beginners like me, just read tutos and search in the community!!! All the answers are there..... Thanks Anke for your help!

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