Hi help me plz my data more thane 70 MP

Hello, I enjoyed working on the MIT App Inventor, but I was faced with a problem that may lead to me reaching a desperate state, as I uploaded files that I had prepared in advance, but the space exceeded 70 MB and when I did a builed, he refused and told me that the space is too large and frankly that I cannot Delete what you downloaded because I need the application form to be like this, so is there any help please

Maximum aia on the main server is 30 MB.

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Hello محمد علي

A bit more information please:

  1. What type of files are they?
  2. Why do they all need to be in the App at the same time?
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Audio and video files are small in size but many, and I work in a service organization. I need all these files inside the App

Problem is, you might exceed the Google Play App size limit if all the files are stored within the App. Could it be that they do not really need to be in the App, but on the device for the App to read from (on demand)? This is what most Apps do.

Can you expand a bit on the term 'Service Organisation'? Is it for manual tasks such as servicing machinery or domestic devices, that type of thing?

How many Screens does your App have?

It's the same with me. All of my apps contain media files that are in the assets to prevent external access to them (at least for users who have not rooted their device). My Android apps are 50-95 MB in size. I made them all as shown in my tutorial.

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Yeah, it's just the Google Play Limit that's an issue.

Ok, is there a solution to this problem?

I mean, I work in an institution that provides services, so I work in a museum

I mean, I work in an institution that provides services, so I work in a museum
30 Screen

Hi again محمد علي

You really should not need more than three or four Screens. What exactly does your App do? What does each Screen do?

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30 Screens is a lot? :grimacing:

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If your App has so many Screens (App Inventor Max is approx 10), then in most cases you are doing something wrong :upside_down_face:


Which problem? Did you see my tutorial?

Thank you for following up with me. Really, you are really very helpful. Thank you. I will return the screens and reduce their number

I think I am wrong with the number of screens and the large number of content. I will look again. Thank you for your comment ...

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If you are displaying images/videos, they do not need a Screen each. You can use just one screen and display the required video on demand. Same with Audio.

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@111520 So your problem is solved?

Then close this topic by clicking on Solution at the best answer.

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