Helping for block coding for calculating the value of interest get

Anyone can help me how to make block coding for this calculation . I want to make application for calculating amount of interst obtain from this farmula
Principle X rate of interest X year . Anyone can help
test 1

If we assume that the formula to calculate interest is the principal x by the interest (%) and multiplied by the years, it would be something like this:

Good validation, but

The Is Number test covers the blank test, and

Compound interest would require the ^ operation, right?

"The Is Number test covers the blank test"

I had not considered, those validations are not necessary...Thank you for the comment.
For the interest formula...I have written what I understood he asked for...I don't have much idea how to calculate compound interest....

then it would be something like this (if I haven't googled the formula wrong...):

P [(1 + i)^n – 1]


P = principal

i = annual interest rate

n = number of compounding periods

Thank you @ABG !

The Is Number test is still necessary, because the textbox numbers flag leaks blanks

From the last time I banged my head on an accounting book, I guess

New Principal = Principal * (1+(rate/100))^years


Note for OP

Since you wear suit and tie, I guess presentation is important to you.




In case you are wondering how I guessed this was a compound interest question...

There is a high correlation between wearing a suit and tie and the calculation of compound interest, in my experience.

Real Estate Brokers,
Car dealers

They all bring out that paperwork at the end.

thank you everyone

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