Help with TinyWebDB for quiz

Hi there, I am making an app where you can make a quiz and than play it. I am making it with 3 different screens: menu, make the quiz and play the quiz.

I am trying to make it so that all important informations save in TinyWebDB from screen 2 and then, when I click on ListPicker (SEARCH) it would show the name of the quiz. When I click on the name of the quiz, all the important information about the quiz would go on screen 3, where you can play the quiz, but Im kinda lost. Please help.

Hello, I am building a quiz app and am trying to do the following thing:

Explained image: when I open screen 1 TinyWebDB will get value from tag quiz, where all important things about the quiz are found (name, possible answers, correct answer, questions). When TinyWebDB got value variable quiz is changed into value from WebDB which than adds the first index on the list "quiz", which is the name of the quiz, to the list picker "SEARCH". When you pick an element from the selection it stores the name of the quiz, so you can play it on another screen.
What I want: Firstly, I would like to make it so that after selecting an element from the List Picker selection it would save the whole quiz and not just a name, and secondly, I dont know if the tag "quiz" when screen opens is a good idea, because I dont know if it will work on multiple devices and lastly, for some unknown reason, when I store data (quiz name) in List Picker it only shows 1 quiz, the last I added in.
Can someone please help me, even if with only one of the problems.

Have you done the quiz tutorials?

Yeah, I did

A quiz has several parts.

To save something with multiple parts, you need to package it up as a dictionary, to keep the different parts by name:

  • name of quiz
  • list of questions
  • list of correct answers for those questions, matched by index against questions
  • lists of wrong alternatives for each question, if multiple choice (list of lists).

So you should learn dictionaries.

Ok, I will. Thanks

Also, a side note about TinyWebDB tags ...

If you did not create your own TinyWebDB server, then you are sharing the MIT default TinyWebDB server with the thousands of other users.
If you pick a tag 'name' or 'play', there is a good chance some one else got the same idea, and you will fight over that tag.

CloudDB is a little better in separating app data, if you read their help link '(?)' from the Designer pallette.