Help with Tableview subtotal

Hi . i have a table with 11colums and i need the subtotal from the colum 11 eny ide
Enla_2_3.aia (70.1 KB)

somthing like this

Do the maths with the underlying list, then add the items to your list before displaying the table.

sorry for my lack of knowledge but I didn't understand

Could get TableView extension working so used Tableviewer to demonstrate


If you are using the Tableview extension, you will need to convert the finished list to a csv table:


Your suggestion really helped me quite a bit, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, if someone could help me with the puzzle I'd really appreciate it
Enla_2_3.aia (96.8 KB)

From your blocks, I see that you have not yet learned to work with lists and tables.
You also are not aware that the C in CSV stands for Comma, not semicolon.

These two sources can be translated to whatever language it is you speak:

These block images of yours prove my point:

I really don't know. I have been working for less than a month for a few hours with app construction. it's something I want to make to help me in my work. I will read what you sent me and give it a try. If you have anything else to suggest, I would appreciate it. thanks again.