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I’m having trouble in my project. In the project, when you press the button it turns red but when you press the 2nd time it turns green.But what I’m trying to do is, I want the buttons that turns red to be still red after closing and reopening the application. I already tried Tiny db1 but when I close the program the data is being deleted.
I’d be so grateful If you could help me.

Hey Yagiz

Could you please upload an image of the relevant block to your program?
A quick fix I think would be to save the session info in file, then, when you reopen the app, read from it and update the color according to that info. I hope this helps.

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Annotation_2020-07-02_192555 click-1 click-2

So far, we found the problem where the buttons weren't changing color at restart. Right now, the color of the button depends on 1 and 0 that comes from text file but the only problem is, it doesn't make more than one as shown on screenshot. 2 NOLU COCUK is red correct but 4 NOLU COCUK supposed to be red as well according to number (0 1 0 1 1 1... )

We got it working brutha. Thank you! @manacho

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