Help with selection ID

Help me please. why is the ID wrong? the last photo opens when you press the button

Any help please. For the second day I can’t understand why it doesn’t select a photo from the list when I press the button.

From a quick look at your blocks this is what you ask to happen.

Due to the language barrier, I did not quite understand what you wrote. There are three pictures in the list (this is an example of a project) with a button for each picture. When I click on the button the picture should open. but in this case the third picture (the last one) always opens. Why is the identifier incorrect when the button is pressed?

when I press the first button the third photo opens. when I press the second button the third photo opens, when I press the third button the third photo opens. But you need the photo corresponding to the button to open

OK had another look.

When you create all your dynamic components, global id = 3

When you call the AnyButtonClicked you ask for global id, which = 3.

What you need is the component id for the button that is clicked:

get component > get id > get integer (remove button) > set as index.

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thanks, I already solved the issue

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