Help with Password Only for Editing

I am trying to create a day planner. I do not want there to be a password for the person to see the plans, but I do want there to be a password if someone were to edit it. So, people can see it, but not edit it unless they have a password. I was wondering if this is possible, and if it is how. Thank you!

  1. Can you edit the day planner that you created so far?

What you do depends on what you have coded so far; where the planner’s files reside (in a TinyDB or perhaps in a Google spreadsheet); if you have an editing function already built in or not and have to create the editing part. What have you done so far?

To edit, you will almost certainly have to use at the minimum a Button and a TextBox. If you password protect the Button by requiring a user to provide a password (xyz*lalala) to show or hide the Button, you restrict editing in a simple case. There is no tutorial showing exactly how to do this. What have you tried.

  • If you haven’t created the basic day planner, there are some suggestions in the MIT Gallery

One of these projects submitted by AI2 users might be an example for what you want to do.

If this is a matter of only one user being able to see the plans, you might make this simple by hosting a document on your Google Drive that only you can edit. Let users view the plans using the WebViewer and the will not be able to modify the plans.

You are going to have to code this yourself.