Help with making code smaller and avoid repetition

I tried like you did it and it works too. I'll see if I can use this way because I prefer this over the pre-built component list. Thanks alot you both. I'll try to implement this in my main project now and see if everything works. I can only know by monday if it works or not because the Arduino that we'll use is with my friend. Can this post stay open and I return monday or should I close this one and open another referencing this one?

Yes of course... don't worry

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Hey, sorry for the delay, I really didnt have time before so I just tested it. It works perfectly, every button have the correct time and all the switches I implemented this type of code too is correct. Thank you guy very much for all the help. Im just having difficulty using tinyDB and storing the bluetooth ID in it. When I try to store the value, it just stores "true"?

Should I open another discussion?

I fixed, it was just the order i was storing the value. If i store before calling to connect the value is stored correctly

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