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Hello !
I am trying to create a list of friends (called beneficiary below) for some user ( Login_ID ). It is just like the facebook friends list ... Like you are the user and you have a list of friends associated with your account. I have tried doing the following stuff so far.

In the list of lists above , first list in the list , has 2 elements U1 and U2. This is the list , containing many usernames. Login_ID would type a username which will be searched in this list. If the username exists in list of list ( one with U1 ... ) then I would like to do this

I am stuck here (the blank spaces left in select item .. block) , I need some assistance in adding the item at (make a list ... item 3 )

where abc is the Login_ID and U1 , U2 etc. are existing usernames which are in the beneficiary list.
Also I have to call the list ( entire , the first image ) again and again at different places , edit some data ( not always at the same point ) , so if there is any way i cam reduce the number of blocks that would be great

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hello Kunj

Not sure if a fixed list of data is the ideal solution, unless your App is never going to need to add or delete Users. Also, there is no cross pollination, the data is only on your phone?

You might want to consider storing the data in TinyDB instead (for phone only storage) or TinyWebDB (on your web server if you have one available).

The data then would be stored as a flat list - Tag for UserName + MemberNumber (in case there are two Users with the same name), all other data for the individual User stored as a single value delimited string under the Tag.

Tag: JohnSmith_0007
Data: Value01|Value02|Value03|Value04

Food for thought?

As @ChrisWard said try considering

because your list of list is just too complicated, (though it is possible to solve it out if you are just trying it as an experiment.)

Hi Chris !

it is not a fixed list of data , and mostly it would include addition and retrieval of data.

There is a firebaseDB as well, but retrieval of huge amounts of data is certainly going to cause trouble. So in order to limit that I am trying to store some data in user's phone itself.

Sorry sir that won't work , because Value1 , has 1 more value to be stored below it(as of now , I may want to store more .) If I can tell it as it is done in firebase , then It would look like

I have used firebase.StoreValue just to give an Idea of data structure i am trying to create and store locally.

I don't get you there - one more value below it - wouldn't that be Value02 ?

Hi Alaqmar !

Maybe if the list of list can be restructured to serve the purpose , that would also work for me

If List of lists is not so nice way , if someone could suggest another way ?

This is the data, any number of values (four shown, can be many more for each person as required), structured as a value delimited single string. Easy to handle....

You can store a list of lists to Firebase. AI2's method would be to store it all under one firebase tag. No need for any levels / projectBuckets. This means you would have to do "all the work" on the list of lists when it is returned to the app. Working on the list of lists directly in firebase would be tricky....

This is the reason I am not using firebase ...

sir you got me wrong , I am trying to use tinyDB only

If you build up your TinyDB tags with extra JOIN parts, you can store multiple data structures there.
Sample app:

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