Help with last piece of program

Hi guys, I need some help tying down the last little piece of my program. I am making a wee game, as a concept and just to get used to app inventor and I have just about everything locked down except this one bit. So, I have the game screen and its a game where there's a few sprites moving about and you have to tap the right one before the time runs out. I have a label called find target and it displays "Find: ". I have a list of targets, say X,Y,Z and I need them to display in the find label randomly.

I have read a few similar topics and tried to use and adapt the info in them but I can't get it working. I don't know if i'm missing something obvious or what. Any ideas?

For more context, I want it so when the game starts the label says "Find Y" then you tap it and it changes to "Find X" etc etc

Any help would be appreciated

You may want to take a look at the quiz app tutorial. It randomly pulls questions and asks them. You could use a similar approach where the "answer" is when the person taps on an ImageSprite on a Canvas.

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This code snippet might be helpful


Welcome Rosco.

The algorithm indicates which of five sprites is touched if you create a List of the Sprites.

You might share your Blocks to get specific advice. What you do depends on what you have already coded.

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This might be just the ticket. I had more or less what you have for the top bit, but not the bit in the middle. That might be what i'm missing, thanks very much!

I'll have a look at that, thank you.