Help with Javascript and results in Tag

Good morning everyone.
I'm working with the API of a platform called Zeno.
The URL of the server to which I must make the request is:
The response called "streamTitle" I need to put in a label.
This response data must vary from time to time so I also need the label text to change.
Product I am not a programmer, it is difficult for me to know how to make both the request to the server and insert its response into a label.
I appreciate your collaboration.
Kind regards.

Looks like this url link is with a long-connnection, we can not get responseContent with Web component.

We can try to visit it with WebViewer.
(WebViewer can be set to invisible if needed.)
Then get the content of the website with javascript:

I got all the text, but as I mentioned, I need to show only the result that is where it says "streamTitle".
How would I do that after getting all this text?

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Thanks brother