Help with image quality

When I upload an image is uploaded at high quality, even when viewing the internal files of the app come out with good quality, but when viewing it in the app is displayed at low quality, I could help?

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Once upon a time, programmers worked on this problem, but they probably lacked perseverance.

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They should work on it, that the images reduce their quality is a great impediment for many things (At least in my case yes).

Developers should provide reasonable sized images and not depend on the compiler to reduce a large image to fit a small space on an Android. :astonished: Using the app to significantly reduce the size of an image wastes cpu capacity. You shouldn't expect the built in algorithm to reduce image size to work miracles :cry:

See your earlier post Error when exporting the application [DX error again] - #3 by Patryk_F

Image 5251px x 5251px stored in Media :face_with_head_bandage:

app displayed in 165px x 165px...

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will seting the background image base64 can fix this issue?

I think it is enough to use the simplest extension that loads an image as the background of any component, bypassing the built-in procedures for setting the background.

I got this:

to place a base64 image to just about every component, except a screen - couldn't figure that one out :upside_down_face:

Isn't that just another way to describe the same data?

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