Help with Handwriting Input App

Inspired by Google's handwriting input, I decided to make my own app with handwriting input in MIT AI2.

For writing, I used a canvas, that will capture the handwritten text as an image and pass that to an OCR system. But, I didn't find any working OCR extension/API.
I looked up a the FAQ Section on OCR.
But I couldn't make it work.
The extension seem to do nothing (atleast in MIT AI2) and I am not very familiar with Web APIs. The last option seemed the most promising (coz it worked offline) but wasn't working for me as well.

So if anyone could make it work, please leave the .aia file of it. I'd be hugely grateful.


The App is now complete. See here.

Not an offline solution, but worth a try ?

OCR Images and PDFs using Google Docs

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@TIMAI2 I tried it but failed... :cry:
OCR Images and PDFs using Google Docs

As a newbie I didn't understand what to do...

Can anyone put a detailed tutorial...please... :pray:

Try this:

Or this:

Which detail in my detailed tutorial came up short ?


What do we need?

  1. Google Apps Script Web App
  2. Setup a project in the

usual way

  1. Copy the script code below into the project
  2. Enter your own folder ID in the correct place
  3. Publish as a web app, executing as "you" and accessible by "anyone, even anonymous"
  4. Get the script url for use in the App Inventor App
  5. Make a note also of the filename you give to your project (you can't find it again using just the script url!). I have included mine in the demo app for safekeeping....

What is the usaul way? I have no experience with Google API.

See here:

HOWTO: Create a Google Apps Script Web App bound to a Spreadsheet

But you said this in the tutorial...

A standalone google apps script project is used for this demo. You can use a project bound to a spreadsheet if you find this easier, but the spreadsheet is not needed for this.

If you tutorial for standalone Google Script Web App then it would be highly appreciated.

Keep it simple, just create a new sheet and follow the tutorial.


If google apps script is not there, then you need to add it with connected apps

Ok, I made the app, but gives error
Unexpected error while calling GetFileById

Did you put your folder ID in the script, then update the script?

Yes, still not working.

Let it be, I'll try it tomorrow. It's midnight here in India.

If I am not wrong, folder ID is the trailing part of the URL of a Google Drive Folder.


this goes in the script:


Why did the last 3 characters change?

Fixed that now

Thank You @TIMAI2, for your help.
I have completed the App!
Handwriting_Input.aia (157.1 KB)

BUT It has some issues.
The App works perfectly fine with words (even of different languages)

However, it only detects words not individual characters.

Is there any way, it could detect characters, coz it's a Handwriting Input App?

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