HELP with error

error from companion: error:RuntimeError.(irritants: "Cannot find the component:test2". "Problem with application")

What does this mean? What can I do to fix it?

It sounds like you're using the companion on iOS. What is the type of the component test2 in your project? Is it an extension? If not, please attach a copy of your project AIA so that we can take a look.

to attach a copy do I give you the URL?
I am learning this with my middle school students so I am unsure of how this all works

Under the Project menu there is an menu item "Export project (.aia) to my computer" which will download the project. From there, you can drag it into the textbox here and it will be included in your post.

This is causing all kinds of issues,
Error messages and trying to get it to display "correct" or "Incorrect" on quiz questions.
The file is too large to attach here, so I put it in my Google Drive.

Thanks. I will take a look.

Any luck on this? This is my students' final project and I am unsure on how to help them get it functional

I was able to get up to the point of test4 but it lacks a Notifier component and so that causes errors (it looks like the content may have been copy and pasted). I haven't been able to specifically replicate the issue reported in the initial post related to test2, which I observe is a Screen in the project and didn't have any issue progressing through during the test phase of the app. If there's a particular sequence of steps I can follow to trigger the exact error you're seeing that would be helpful.

What do you mean "lacks a Notifier component"?
Sorry, I am learning this with my students

So on the Screen called test4, all of the blocks look something roughly like this:

with various variations on the name of the button and the notice to show.

Note the red circle with an X through it. That icon indicates an error. The error is caused by the fact that the block references a Notifier1 component, but such a component doesn't exist on the Screen test4. Your student will need to add an instance of the Notifier component (found under the User Interface palette). Once they do that, the corresponding error will go away. I believe this error is unrelated to your initial bug report, but fixing it can't hurt.

If you continue to encounter the original bug around test2 not being found, please let me know so we can try to replicate it. I have been unable to do so thus far but will keep trying.