Help With Drawing app Line Width Problem

When I increase the width of the line past 2 the line is then made with a bunch of fragmented rectangles instead of being a smooth line. Is there any way to fix this?

See HERE where Italo demonstrates with blocks how to draw smoother lines

By @Italo

Also, I see you are using a canvas to draw. Use this trick to have smoother lines when drawing: Before the DrawLine block, place a DrawCircle block with the parameter CurrentX, CurrentY and Radius set to half the Canvas.LineWidth. This trick will fill the gaps you see when drawing a line with your finger.


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Or this:

Thank you.

Also see if your Screen is set to Responsive (not Fixed).

That will give you smaller pixels.

Also, if anyone knows… When I start drawing the line starts in a rectangular shap instead of a circular shape. Is there any way to get the line to start as a circle?

Yes, draw a circle at the beginning(TouchDown) and at the end(TouchUp) of the line.

Thank you.

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