Help with code for Card Game

Hi everyone. I'm making a memory card game and I've run into two problems I was hoping I could get some input.

I'll post a few pics, and a link if anyone would like to help with input.

My first problem is, I want all my cards to flip to be false until the start button is pressed.

My second problem is I'm trying to make a high score label. I made a timer go off for 1 minute once the start button is pressed. The goal is to get as many complete wins (meaning all the possible cards are flipped and matched, then the entire game restarts for another matching game) until the timer ends. I have a Score label made, and every complete win adds 1 to the label, but if the score if greater then the high score I want it to save. I also added a TinyDB so the high score can be saved.

Any suggestions on the code or help would be great!

TermProject.aia (1.2 MB)