Help with Canvas

So I am relatively new to MIT App Inventor and I was trying to to do some work with the canvas. Is there a way to change the color of the pens without using a button? For example if a user where to tap the canvas it would swap to the next color I had in a list. Thanks for any help you can give.

Welcome, yes that is possible. Show what you have tried so far. You should remember that you will also touch the screen when drawing something. What are you trying to achieve?


I am trying to have it so that a user can cycle through the colors each time they tap on the canvas and then have them erase it by swiping up diagonally. I attached what I have so far, but I am pretty lost to be honest. All I have is the user being able to draw on the screen. I also put in what I have to clear the screen, but can't seem to get it to only do when done diagonally up in a fast line no matter what I try.

Try this

should clear the canvas when a swipe is done diagonally upwards towards the top left quadrant.