Help with App - Video Journaling App to wrap up your day

I have an idea of a Video Journaling Web Application in which people can record themselves speaking about their day. The selfie video will then be turned into an easy access text, organized into customizable categories : Things they learned during the day, What they're grateful for, where they acted stupid, etc.
The Personal Data will be stored anonymously on the Blockchain, while the video content will be used to develop future AI ideas...
It will be a sort of private digital space where people can get into, in the evening to simply speak about their day, to check their progress in life & to have a moment of seclusion!
We have Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, etc, but we still don't have a leading Journaling App where people wrap up their day !
I've thought about all the other non technical aspects, but I still need help.
For those who are interested, do not hesitate to contact me for more details.

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