Help with app idea that uses randomness(probability)

Hello folks!! I have an idea for an app but I have trouble getting going. I looked through the tutorials and videos but couldn't find anything that addresses my struggle. The app is a random app. It would work this way. Capture or upload a picture and the app will randomly assign a quality to it. Example: Good or bad regardless of the actual picture. just based on probability. (good 50% of the time and bad 50% of the time). Anyone can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

Does the app need to assign the same value to that picture if it's uploaded again?

Hey! Thanks for responding. If there is a simple way to do that then yes. If not it is not a must.

In that case, just ignore the image entirely, and return a random number from the math blocks pallete.

Maybe this way...


Images are essential to the app that i am making though but thank you!

Thank you so much!!

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