Help with amount counter App


I am trying to do an app where there is fixed prices for items. My budget is $72.99 a day. I want buttons with each items and have a price assigned to that item. So when They press Button one, the display label will add $13.00. Then if they push button two, it will add $3.75 to the total in the display label. That way the total shown in the label will be $16.75. I think I have that part down. Where I am having trouble is where when the total is greater than $72.98 I want the text to be black. and if its under I want the text to be red. I think this should be simple and I'm stuck. I am way off because I'm using the math for it to be greater than but the label doesn't have a number. What am I doing wrong? I added a screenshot. Thank you in advance for your help and sorry I'm not very smart.

Amount.Text is the number you want to compare to 72.

Amount.TextColor is what you want to set to red or black.

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