Help ! Why does " MIT AI2 Companion " text or the app name automatically appear on the title bar of Listpicker although I set the title to be blank?

If I type a word for the title of Listpicker, the word I typed appears on the title.

But if I don't want any name for the title, then I start having a problem. If I don't type anything for the title, " MIT AI2 Companion " text automatically appears on the title bar when I test the app through AI companion.

If I build apk file and run the app on my phone, then the name of the app automatically appears on the title of Listpicker although I set the title to be blank.

For example, if the app name is "Abc Test", then " Abc Test " appears on the title of Listpicker. I tried with different phones but it shows the same problem.

Is there any way to remove it and leave the title blank ?

I've been searching for the solution, but I haven't found any solution yet.

I also tried to change the theme which is a solution for the problem when the title bar is invisible.

But changing the theme didn't remove the automatic titling of Listpicker.

As I couldn't find any solution, I had to do a trick to leave the title blank. For the name of the title, I typed a letter with lots of blank spaces in front of it. (You can type the last letter anything you want)

For example, I typed the name of the title as
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _a"

Then the title bar becomes blank.

Although a name is written for the title, the name is too long with blank spaces so the title can't show the full name and it can only show the first blank spaces in the limit of the screen. Because of that, the title looks empty.

I know it's just a trick. But I still can't find the right way to leave the title blank.

It would be great if someone could share me the solution.

OK, this is when using the device default theme (you do not get a title with classic theme in companion)

I also see "MIT AI2 Companion" as the title if I leave the Title box for the listpicker blank. This must be a bug of some kind. I will report it up the line.



Your workaround is to just put a single space in the Title box, this will return an empty title. Doesn't seem to be a way to remove it altogether...

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With classic theme setting, title bar is not visible when I run it on AI2 Companion.

But when I build apk file with classic theme setting and run it on my phone,
the title is visible with " the app name " although I set the title to be empty.

So I still have no solution with classic theme setting.

Even with a single space in the title box ?

You are right, just built an apk in classic theme with a space in the title box, and the AppName still appears. Worse than i originally thought!

Rechecked and rebuilt apk, a single space does clear the title bar with classic theme.

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Yes, I've checked it now. A single space does clear the title bar. Thanks.