Help:What wrong with my google sheet code

Sorry , I'm use app inventor and google sheet to create a login system.
My app show "success", but my google sheet it doesn't have any data.
Hope everyone can help me to finsh my homework.

Two things:

  1. In your web1.gotText you set the notifier to "Success", therefore any response from the server (google sheets/google apps script) will return "Success". Set the notifier to responseContent
  2. Did you:

1 Open the script project
2 Go to Publish
3 Deploy as Web App
4 Project version: - select New from the dropdown
5 Execute the app as: your google account address (email)
6 Who has access to the app: Anyone, even anonymous
7 Press the Update button

You have to do this EVERY TIME you change your script

HI I refer to your suggestions , and system show the error message.
It say:can't unable to call appendRow

Is this when you run the app and get responseContent back or when running in script editor ?

You may also need to add the html uriEncode block to each of your textboxes in the url

Is when I run the app and get responseContent back.

The error is usually listed at the end of that html, can you capture it all and report back?

sorry I'm just a beginner programmer so I don't know how can I to capture it all .
Can you tell me what to do ?
I'll learn from you

I have just spotted an error in your blocks:

You have &mail=

it should be &email=

in your script you show:

Oh sorry I find what that problem .
It because my sheet name have problem.
I try to change my sheet name it can work.
thank for your help.
I appreciate your help very much

could you please tell me how exactly solve this problem because I have the same too!

You need to show your relevant blocks, your script code and a full output of the error you are getting.


I have the exact problem ..

I have done the "deploy as web app" and all the steps too..But I can't send the data ..

Change &func=create to ?func=create in geturl blocks

I changed but nothing happens! :worried:

Oh, sorry, change that back, I see you have the ? with the ID in the script URL.

Can you set the responseContent to a label so that you can show the complete error message?

Also see this guide, it is the easiest method I know:

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I set it in a label but it's too big..So many information and many (38) print screens too! :slightly_smiling_face: Would you like upload it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also I followed this tutorial step by step for registration ...if I help you